Dr. Lisa Forzani is an FCMSA Certified Medical Examiner

Get your CDL Medical card, New or Renewed, in just 30 minutes!

Fast, Easy, Hassle-free! 

All it takes are these 3 steps:

Step 1: Upon arrival, you will be asked to fill out a one-page, brief health history.
Step 2: Complete your Physical Exam with Dr. Lisa. The exam includes:

  • A review of your brief medical history
  • Measuring height, weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, range of motion, breathing, hearing, and vision
  • A discussion of any special medical conditions
  • Urinalysis for blood sugar, specific gravity, protein, and just making sure that there is no blood in the sample.

Step 3: We complete the paperwork. Photo ID required. In 30 minutes, you can be out the door and on your way with a laminated DOT medical card for your CDL, and two copies of the DOT Physical form: one for you, and one for your company. Payment options are cash, credit, check, or pre-authorized company account.

DOT Physical Exam: How to Prepare

  • ​Drink at least 8oz of water prior to your physical. Do not empty the contents of your bladder right before the physical, as you will need to urinate again for the exam. Come with a need to pee.
  • If you have any medical conditions that you take medication for, please bring a list of those medications and the prescribing doctor to the exam.
  • If you have any medical conditions that may affect obtaining your CDL License, such as Sleep Apnea or Heart Conditions, please bring copies of your latest test results, if you have them.
  • Cutting back on caffeine, sodium, and nicotine prior to the exam may significantly help with your blood pressure reading.
  • Remember to bring any eyeglasses or corrective lenses you are prescribed to wear.

​We work with drivers all day long. We understand that passing your DOT physical exam is important to your continued career and your livelihood, and we are here to do anything we can to help you.

No appointment is needed. Walk-ins are welcome, or call (732) 974-9100 to guarantee a specific time.